The American Council on Exercise (ACE), America's nonprofit fitness advocate, is pleased to announce a collaborative alliance with 1-2-3 Fit(R), an emerging fitness franchise offering a unique 30-minute personalized co-ed workout using proprietary Simbio(R) strength resistance equipment.

Through this alliance, 1-2-3 Fit franchise owners and fitness coaches will receive ACE developed training, an ACE Certificate of Qualification as a Circuit and Fitness Trainer and continuing education programming.

"The process of ACE qualification for 1-2-3 Fit coaches teaches the foundational knowledge, skills and measures needed to work with clients safely," said Scott Goudeseune, chief operating officer for ACE. "1-2-3 Fit is a company that is focused on the well-being of their clients and we are proud to expand our educational opportunities with this type of programming for the first time."

1-2-3 Fit neighborhood fitness centers are scientifically designed to provide a challenging workout that utilizes user-friendly equipment. Currently, 1-2-3 Fit is opening an average of one club per week.

"Our partnership with ACE builds upon our mission to provide the world's best 30-minute personalized workout in a comfortable, safe environment." said Brooksy Smith, President and CEO for 1-2-3 Fit. "This collaboration will ensure that our franchise owners not only receive the highest quality of training available, but are also able to provide our members with the greatest degree of customer support in the marketplace."

1-2-3 Fit is backed by the same people who built Quiznos Sub(R) into one of the most powerful franchise's in America, with more than 4,000 locations. For more information on how to own a 1-2-3 Fit franchise, call 1-888-Out-in-30 (688-4630) or visit 123fit.

About 1-2-3 Fit

1-2-3 Fit is a revolutionary fitness franchise designed for those seeking a fun, fast and effective workout in 30 minutes. Opening an average on one club per week, 1-2-3 Fit is poised to become the next big thing in the fitness industry. 1-2-3 Fit is an affordable solution for those wanting to own their own business in the exploding world of fitness. For more information call 1-888-Out-in-30 (688-4630) or log on the website at 123fit.

About ACE

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), America's Authority on Fitness, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the benefits of physical activity and protecting consumers against unsafe and ineffective fitness products and instruction. As the nation's "workout watchdog," ACE sponsors university-based exercise science research and testing that targets fitness products and trends. ACE sets standards for fitness professionals and is the world's largest nonprofit fitness certifying organization. For more information on ACE and its programs, call (800) 825-3636.

American Council on Exercise

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