21 April, 2016
Statins Protect Smokers From Lung Damage   [read article]

20 April, 2016
Pervasis Therapeutics Receives FDA Clearance For Pivotal Phase 3 Trial Of Vascugel(R)   [read article]

19 April, 2016
Global Conference Focuses On HIV/TB Co-Epidemic Challenges; Report Finds International Spending On TB Research Only Slightly Increasing   [read article]

18 April, 2016
New stroke-prevention drug unlikely to be cost-effective except in patients at high risk of bleeding   [read article]

17 April, 2016
Study Sheds Light On Angiogenesis Inhibitors, Points To Limitations, Solutions   [read article]

16 April, 2016
Report On SIU 2007 Paris: Innovations In The Treatment Of Stress Urinary Incontinence   [read article]

15 April, 2016
Seniors Demand World Class Care, Financial Security, Equality In Work And An End To Ageism, Australia   [read article]

14 April, 2016
Zypadhera(TM) Receives Positive Opinion From The European Committee For Medicinal Products For Human Use (CHMP) For Treatment Of Schizophrenia   [read article]

13 April, 2016
Study Shows How Light Receptors In Eye Play Key Role In Setting Biological Clock   [read article]

12 April, 2016
Low Dose And High Dose Ketoconazole Demonstrate Similar Outcomes In Patients With Androgen-Independent Prostate Cancer   [read article]

11 April, 2016
Gilbert Hospital Continues Cutting Edge Treatments   [read article]

10 April, 2016
Identification Of Protein That Improves DNA Repair Under Stress Could Lead To Treatments To Prevent Premature Aging And Cancer   [read article]

09 April, 2016
Boxing Game To Win Health Fight   [read article]

08 April, 2016
Avoiding Toxic Anti-Rejection Drugs Following Kidney Transplant   [read article]

07 April, 2016
Investigational Study Evaluates The Effectiveness Of Aripiprazole In Adolescents With Schizophrenia   [read article]

06 April, 2016
Changes In Incidence Of End-Stage Renal Disease From Lupus Nephritis But No Outcome Improvement In Over a Decade   [read article]

05 April, 2016
Genetic Basis Discovered For Muscle Endurance In Animal Study   [read article]

04 April, 2016
Barrier-Breaking Carbon Nanoparticles Not All Good News   [read article]

03 April, 2016
Quitting Smoking Can Reverse Asthma-Inducing Changes In Lungs   [read article]

02 April, 2016
Prevalence Of A Tertiary Gleason Grade And Its Impact On Adverse Histopathologic Parameters In A Contemporary Radical Prostatectomy Series   [read article]

01 April, 2016
Opinion Pieces Examine Issues Related To Breast Cancer Screening   [read article]

31 March, 2016
Takeda Statement On ACTOS (pioglitazone HCl) Meta-Analysis Published In The Journal Of The American Medical Association   [read article]

30 March, 2016
New Nerve Cells -- Even In Old Age   [read article]

29 March, 2016
A Bioinformatic System Takes Adult Stem Cell Research To A New Level   [read article]

28 March, 2016
Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells Could Help Research Into Human Diseases   [read article]

27 March, 2016
Restless Leg Syndrome Linked With Erectile Dysfunction In Older Men   [read article]

26 March, 2016
Transplantation Tolerance: One Step Closer?   [read article]

25 March, 2016
More Older Americans Aware And Open To Caregiving Technology, Says AARP Report   [read article]

24 March, 2016
Bladder Cancer Risk May Be Increased By Certain Meat Components   [read article]

23 March, 2016
Seroquel XR™ Receives Approval From FDA For Maintenance Treatment Of Schizophrenia   [read article]

22 March, 2016
British Veterinary Association Congress 27 - 29 September 2007: 'Pulling Together'   [read article]

21 March, 2016
MRI May Help Determine Time Of Stroke Onset   [read article]

20 March, 2016
Stem Cell Gene Therapy Advanced By Ireland Cancer Center Researchers   [read article]

19 March, 2016
Cooperation Killed The Kidney: Pairs Of Genes Interact In Renal Disease   [read article]

18 March, 2016
Women Over 50 Live In Fear Of Violence, Study Finds   [read article]

17 March, 2016
TB Breakthrough Could Lead To Stronger Vaccine   [read article]

16 March, 2016
Potential Stem Cell Treatments Following Discovery Of 'Creator' Gene For Cerebral Cortex   [read article]

15 March, 2016
Society For Pediatric Urology 2008 Meeting At The American Urologic Association Annual Meeting   [read article]

14 March, 2016
VMD Drops Controversial Plans For New Medicine Category, UK   [read article]

13 March, 2016
Peer Drug Use May Increase An Individual's Genetic Tendency To Use Drugs According To New Research   [read article]

12 March, 2016
The King's Fund Comments On The Vision For Adult Social Care, UK   [read article]

11 March, 2016
Online Reporting System For Swine Flu Antiviral Side Effects   [read article]

10 March, 2016
More Brain Donors Needed For Parkinson's Research, UK   [read article]

09 March, 2016
Glucose To Glycerol Conversion Regulated By Long-lived Yeast Provides Equivalent Anti-Aging Effects To Calorie Restriction   [read article]

08 March, 2016
Elevated Levels Of Mercury, Arsenic And Selenium Found In Store-Bought Freshwater Fish   [read article]

07 March, 2016
'After Hours' Gene Stretches Body Clock To 27-hour-day   [read article]

06 March, 2016
Cut The Salt And Ditch The Drugs, Controlling Blood Pressure In Dialysis Patients   [read article]

05 March, 2016
Smoking And Drinking Responsible For More Women Developing Kidney Stones   [read article]

04 March, 2016
Risks Of Anti-Bleeding Drug During Heart Surgery Questioned By Study   [read article]

03 March, 2016
Research Shows Novel Benefits Of Fatty Acids In Arteries   [read article]

02 March, 2016
Pollution, Temperature And Sleep-Disordered Breathing - New Link   [read article]

01 March, 2016
One In Four Of Those Waiting For Kidney Transplant Are Black Or Asian   [read article]

29 February, 2016
Assembly Of First Nations And Health Canada To Co-host A Virtual Summit On H1N1 Preparedness November 10th, 2009   [read article]

28 February, 2016
Chimerix Antiviral CMX001 Demonstrates Positive Safety And Pharmacokinetics In 46 Patients With Compromised Renal Function   [read article]

27 February, 2016
Promising New Path For Treating Traumas: Discovery By OMRF Scientists   [read article]

26 February, 2016
Tsunami Warning Buoys - 10 Optimal Sites Found By Mathematical Model   [read article]

25 February, 2016
Seeking Equilibrium On Water, Energy And Land Use - IAEA Foots Proposal To Address Resource Conflicts   [read article]

24 February, 2016
Concomitant Microscopic Tumor Deposits Accompanying Overt Testicular Cancer   [read article]

23 February, 2016
U.S. Provides Clean Water To Flood-Affected Citizens Of Pakistan   [read article]

22 February, 2016
Breakthrough May Aid Treatment Of Learning Impairments, Strokes, Tinnitus And Chronic Pain   [read article]

21 February, 2016
New Study Demonstrates Efficacy Of Pfizer's Aromasin For Early Breast Cancer   [read article]

20 February, 2016
Tastier And More Healthful Baking With 'Sweet Wheat'   [read article]

19 February, 2016
Supplementary Approach To Malaria   [read article]

18 February, 2016
Worrying Trend In Heart Failure   [read article]

17 February, 2016
Poorest Over 60s Twice As Likely To Dread The Cold As The Richest, Says Age UK   [read article]

16 February, 2016
New Antimalarial Compound Shows Promise For Drug Resistant Malaria   [read article]

15 February, 2016
New Roles For Mental Health Nurses, UK   [read article]

14 February, 2016
HHS Secretary Announces Development Of Physical Activity Guidelines At National Prevention Summit, USA   [read article]

13 February, 2016
The Effect Of Male Circumcision On Sexuality   [read article]

12 February, 2016
How To Prevent Back Pain When Gardening And Playing Sports   [read article]

11 February, 2016
News From The Journals Of The American Society For Microbiology   [read article]

10 February, 2016
Lipid-Lowering Therapies And Cardiovascular Disease Prevention   [read article]

09 February, 2016
Early Use Of Statins After Coronary Syndromes Does Not Reduce Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke Or Death   [read article]

08 February, 2016
NIH Awards $14.6M Nanomedicine Center Created To Detect And Treat Atherosclerosis   [read article]

07 February, 2016
Establishing Green Chemistry In Ethiopia   [read article]

06 February, 2016
Mechanism Of Nicotine's Learning Effects Explored   [read article]

05 February, 2016
Aggressive Monopolisation Of Mobile Caregivers - Proceedings Of The Royal Society B: Biological Sciences   [read article]

04 February, 2016
Study Points To New Way To Predict Death Risk From Torn Aorta   [read article]

03 February, 2016
Binge Drinking Brits Risk Brain Damage, UK   [read article]

02 February, 2016
Single-Topic Issue Of JRRD On Pain And Pain Management   [read article]

01 February, 2016
The Brain's Own Globin Defends You From Shock And Stroke   [read article]

31 January, 2016
Safeguarding Water Supplies: ORNL Scientists Hone Technique   [read article]

30 January, 2016
Research Toward Robot Aides For The Elderly Funded By European Partnership   [read article]

29 January, 2016
Affymax(R) Announces Self-Imposed Quiet Period As The Company Analyzes Phase 3 Results For Hematide™/peginesatide   [read article]

28 January, 2016
Male Exposure To Toxins Could Harm Generations Of Offspring, Link To Infertility   [read article]

27 January, 2016
Pervasis Therapeutics To Present Data From Phase 1 And 2 Clinical Trials Of Vascugel® At The ASN 41st Annual Meeting   [read article]

26 January, 2016
Dentin Regeneration Employing Novel Hydrogel Systems   [read article]

25 January, 2016
Palatal Implant Procedure Proven Effective In Eliminating Snoring   [read article]

24 January, 2016
Dangerous Wind Chills - How Long Does It Take For The Skin To Freeze?   [read article]

23 January, 2016
Project Could Help Pets Serve As Disease Watchdogs, Purdue University   [read article]

22 January, 2016
Loss Of P27(Kip1) CDKI Is A Predictor Of Poor Recurrence-Free And Cancer-Specific Survival In Patients With Renal Cancer   [read article]

21 January, 2016
NFU To Challenge Ministers On Changes To TB Testing, UK   [read article]

20 January, 2016
New Report Shows Mixed Results For State Tobacco Control Policies   [read article]

19 January, 2016
Exercise Improves Body Image For Fit And Unfit Alike, UF Study Finds   [read article]

18 January, 2016
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Federal Funding Ban Lifted For The Moment   [read article]

17 January, 2016
Cholesterol Regulation Alterations Contribute To Intratumoral Androgen Production During Progression To CRPC In A Mouse Xenograft Model   [read article]

16 January, 2016
Nerve protector could make for new stroke treatments   [read article]

15 January, 2016
Statement From Larry Minnix, President & CEO, AAHSA On The Alliance For Healthcare Reform Hearing "Nursing Home Reforms: Twenty Years After OBRA '87"   [read article]

14 January, 2016
Analysis Of Mexican Swine Flu Cases: Higher Risk Of Infection For Young People But Higher Mortality Rate In The Elderly   [read article]

13 January, 2016
1 Dose Of New Drug Cures Malaria-Infected Mice   [read article]

12 January, 2016
AMR Medics Offers Tips To Prevent Water Sport Accidents   [read article]

11 January, 2016
Train Your Stomach For Enhanced Stamina And Performance   [read article]

10 January, 2016
The Application Of Electronic Governance To Cross-Disciplinary Themes Such As Reconstruction, Conflict Resolution, Health, Environment And Education   [read article]

09 January, 2016
A Novel Method to Propagate Stem Cells   [read article]

08 January, 2016
How Dangerous Are Air Pollutants Really?   [read article]

07 January, 2016
Important Contributor To Smog Discovered By UC San Diego Chemists   [read article]

06 January, 2016
Skiers, Snowboarders Should Be Aware Of Injury Risks   [read article]

05 January, 2016
Laser Therapy Equipment Improves Sports Injury Recovery Time   [read article]

04 January, 2016
H1N1 Testing Data Presented At Infectious Diseases Society Of America Conference   [read article]

03 January, 2016
Comparison Of The Effectiveness And Side-Effects Of Tolterodine And Oxybutynin In Children With Detrusor Instability   [read article]

02 January, 2016
Specialized Blood Vessels Jumpstart And Sustain Liver Regeneration   [read article]

01 January, 2016
11 years' worth of smoking raises breast cancer risk by 40%   [read article]

31 December, 2015
Free Circulating DNA Might Aid Prostate Cancer Diagnosis   [read article]

30 December, 2015
New York Times Examines Effect of New Medicare Drug Benefit on Employer-Sponsored Retiree Health Benefits   [read article]

29 December, 2015
Aggressive Stem Cells Might Improve Transplant Outcome   [read article]

28 December, 2015
Minister Prentice Announces More Than 5 Million Dollars To The University Of Calgary Hotchkiss Brain Institute, Canada   [read article]

27 December, 2015
Determinants Of Success Of Bilateral Cavernous Nerve Interposition Grafting During Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy   [read article]

26 December, 2015
Accurate Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Depends On Biopsy Location   [read article]

25 December, 2015
H5N1 Bird Flu Detected In The Cameroons   [read article]

24 December, 2015
UNICEF Supplies Arrive In Flood-Affected Eastern Part Of Sri Lanka   [read article]

23 December, 2015
Gene Therapy A Possibility For Metachromatic Leukodystrophy?   [read article]

22 December, 2015
Chimerix's PIM Conjugate Technology Reduces Risk Of Nephrotoxicity For CMX001 And CMX157   [read article]

21 December, 2015
Results Of Gore EMPiRE Clinical Study - Study Reports Low Major Adverse Event Rates Using The GORE Flow Reversal System   [read article]

20 December, 2015
Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Therapy Suggested As Way To Mitigate The Pathogenesis Of PBS, Neurogenic Cystitis   [read article]

19 December, 2015
Low Risk Prostate Cancer Can And Should Often Be Managed With Active Surveillance And Selective Delayed Intervention   [read article]

18 December, 2015
Record number of organ transplants in the UK   [read article]

17 December, 2015
Grants To Foster Teamwork Among South African TB/HIV Scientists Awarded By K-RITH   [read article]

16 December, 2015
Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Targets Hospitals Needing Cord Blood Storage   [read article]

15 December, 2015
Blacks In Tennessee County Disproportionately Affected By Tuberculosis; Effort Seeks To Raise Awareness Among High-Risk Groups   [read article]

14 December, 2015
Laing & Buisson Report Indicates Social Care Crisis, Says Help The Aged, UK   [read article]

13 December, 2015
Clues To Horse Herpes And Neurologic Disorders Discovered By Researchers   [read article]

12 December, 2015
Scientists Decipher The Formation Of Lasting Memories   [read article]

11 December, 2015
News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: Early Table Of Contents, June 5, 2008   [read article]

10 December, 2015
Stroke Expert: 10 Of The Nation's 43 Presidents Have Suffered Strokes   [read article]

09 December, 2015
Innovative Mobile Robots Which Are Autonomous And Polyvalent   [read article]

08 December, 2015
NHS Stroke Improvements Have Saved Lives   [read article]

07 December, 2015
BVA Welcomes Further Action To Improve Testing Of Cattle For Bovine TB, UK   [read article]

06 December, 2015
Increased Risk To City Cyclists Of Lung Injury From Inhaled Soot   [read article]

05 December, 2015
Bayer Animal Health Introduces Tempo(R) SC Ultra Pest Control Concentrate (11.8% Beta-cyfluthrin) In A 32 ML Bottle   [read article]

04 December, 2015
Program to Take Psychiatric Services to Frail Elderly in Their Homes   [read article]

03 December, 2015
Technique Of Urethroplasty For Female Stricture Disease Described And Results Reported   [read article]

02 December, 2015
UK Government Responds To Independent Enquiry Into Avian Quarantine System, Defra   [read article]

01 December, 2015
Elsevier Partners With Rice Science   [read article]

30 November, 2015
Rare Kidney Disease Caused By Genetic Copy Number Variation   [read article]

29 November, 2015
Older Brains Act Younger - Scientific Breakthrough Enhances Mental Abilities   [read article]

28 November, 2015
Well-known protein helps stem cells become secretory cells, study   [read article]

27 November, 2015
Beyond Genomics, Biologists And Engineers Decode The Next Frontier   [read article]

26 November, 2015
Periurethral Suspension Technique Results In Greater Continence Rates After Radical Prostatectomy   [read article]

25 November, 2015
Study Explores Role Of Nutrition On Risk Of Dengue Virus Infection   [read article]

24 November, 2015
Three Professions Partner To Tackle Venous Thromboembolism, UK   [read article]

23 November, 2015
Time-Lapse Imaging Charts The Change Taking Place In Brain Circuitry During Development   [read article]

22 November, 2015
Swine Flu Reinforces Role Of Community Pharmacists   [read article]

21 November, 2015
Exempting Certain Nursing Home Residents From Citizenship Documentation Requirement, USA   [read article]

20 November, 2015
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Reversed In Mouse Models   [read article]

19 November, 2015
New Study Reveals Misguided Public Perception On What Tommy John Surgery Can Do   [read article]

18 November, 2015
Pima County Announces Positive Cases Of Influenza A/H1N1 Virus, Arizona, USA   [read article]

17 November, 2015
Sequella Lead Drug Compound SQ109 Selected For Phase 1B Clinical Trial Program   [read article]

16 November, 2015
Is Tap Water Safe For Expectant Mothers?   [read article]

15 November, 2015
New Antibiotic Shortens Treatment Duration of Tuberculosis   [read article]

14 November, 2015
Lautenberg Urges FDA To Remove Electronic Cigarettes From The Market Until Proven Safe   [read article]

13 November, 2015
Cancer Experts Welcome Government Physical Activity Guidelines   [read article]

12 November, 2015
Monitoring Bone Density In Older Women Is Unnecessary And Potentially Misleading   [read article]

11 November, 2015
Sleeping Badly Can Predict A Worsening Quality Of Life For Seniors   [read article]

10 November, 2015
Ethnic Minorities Are 'Silent Sufferers' Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   [read article]

09 November, 2015
Study To Asses Device For Sleep Apnea   [read article]

08 November, 2015
Bedtime Texting, Internet Use, Disturbs Sleep And Mood In Teens   [read article]

07 November, 2015
Important Breakthrough In Origins Of Aggressive Breast Cancer   [read article]

06 November, 2015
Award Received By Boston Medical Center/Boston University School Of Medicine Researcher   [read article]

05 November, 2015
Blue-Blocking Glasses Developed To Improve Sleep And ADHD Symptoms   [read article]

04 November, 2015
Loud Snoring Associated With Higher Stroke And Heart Disease Risk   [read article]

03 November, 2015
PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative Welcomes Bush's New Initiative on Malaria   [read article]

02 November, 2015
Spatial Epidemiology Becoming A More Effective Method Of Evaluating Environmental Factors And Disease   [read article]

01 November, 2015
Adipose Stem & Regenerative Cell Clinical Study Underway For Treatment Of Chronic Radiation Injury   [read article]

31 October, 2015
Scintigraphic Renal Function After Unilateral Pyeloplasty In Children: A Systematic Review   [read article]

30 October, 2015
Rift Valley Fever In Kenya - 32 Cases And 19 Deaths   [read article]

29 October, 2015
Natural Signal Holds Promise For Psoriasis, Age-Related Skin Damage   [read article]

28 October, 2015
The 1-Child Policy In China Could Have Far-Reaching Effects On Its Elderly   [read article]

27 October, 2015
Flexible Robotic Retrograde Renoscopy: Description Of Novel Robotic Device And Preliminary Laboratory Experience   [read article]

26 October, 2015
Study Helps Understand How Alcohol Consumption Disrupts Circadian Rhythm In Humans   [read article]

25 October, 2015
Animal Welfare Act Is Launched, UK   [read article]

24 October, 2015
Weight Gain Within The Normal Range Increases Risk Of Chronic Kidney Disease   [read article]

23 October, 2015
VistaGen Receives Significant Stem Cell Tools And Technologies Grant From California Institute For Regenerative Medicine   [read article]

22 October, 2015
Pioneering Findings Reveal Common Nanoparticles Highly Toxic To Arctic Ecosystem   [read article]

21 October, 2015
Increased Estrogen Rather Than Decreased Androgen Action Is Associated With Longer Androgen Receptor CAG Repeats   [read article]

20 October, 2015
MDC Researchers Discover Key Molecule For Stem Cell Pluripotency   [read article]

19 October, 2015
Size Of Hemorrhagic Stroke Reduced By Indian Spice   [read article]

18 October, 2015
Elderly Caregivers Of Alzheimer Patients More Susceptible To Ill-Effects Of Sleep Disturbance   [read article]

17 October, 2015
Clinical Trial of New Insomnia Candidate - Arena Pharmaceuticals   [read article]

16 October, 2015
FDA Issues Documents On The Safety Of Food From Animal Clones   [read article]

15 October, 2015
Lawmakers Urge Frist To Open Debate On Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill; Majority Of U.S. Residents Support Such Research, Poll Says   [read article]

14 October, 2015
Medicare To Deny Coverage Of Artificial Spinal Disks   [read article]

13 October, 2015
Medical Services International Moves Into Additional Countries In Africa   [read article]

12 October, 2015
Senegal: Trial Of Intermittent Malaria Treatment In Children Leads To 86% Reduction In Cases   [read article]

11 October, 2015
Lifespan, Lifetime Reproductive Performance And Paternity Loss Of Within-pair And Extra-pair Offspring In The Coal Tit Periparus Ater   [read article]

10 October, 2015
Folic Acid Found To Improve Vascular Function In Amenorrheic Runners   [read article]

09 October, 2015
Gardening Provides Recommended Physical Activity For Older Adults   [read article]

08 October, 2015
Effect Of Warm Ischemia Time During Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy On Early Postoperative Glomerular Filtration Rate   [read article]

07 October, 2015
Import Of Poultry And Game Birds From EU Member States, Customer Information Notes, Defra, UK   [read article]

06 October, 2015
Disease In Wheat Could Spread Faster Than Expected   [read article]

05 October, 2015
Job Satisfaction More Important Than Pay For Certified Nursing Assistants   [read article]

04 October, 2015
Nearly Half Of Older Patients Projected To Die While Waiting For Kidney Transplant   [read article]

03 October, 2015
Conflicting views on embryonic and adult stem cells complicate research in stem cell therapeutics   [read article]

02 October, 2015
Hormone Disorder May Contribute To Lack Of Menstruation In Teenage Athletes   [read article]

01 October, 2015
Study Highlights Massive Imbalances In Global Fertilizer Use   [read article]

30 September, 2015
Passive smoking kills one pub or bar worker every week in the UK   [read article]

29 September, 2015
DoH Confirms First Cases Of NOVEL H1N1 Influenza A On The Island Of Kaua'i, Hawai'i   [read article]

28 September, 2015
Gaming, 3D Virtual Reality Helps Stroke Victims Recover   [read article]

27 September, 2015
Otters Killed On Roads Shed New Light On Lead Pollution   [read article]

26 September, 2015
Study Details Quality Of Life For Prostate Cancer Patients Four Years Out From Treatment   [read article]

25 September, 2015
'1-stop' Clinic Ups Mental Health, Social Work Visits For Veterans   [read article]

24 September, 2015
Gene Linked To Severe Diabetic Eye, Kidney Diseases   [read article]

23 September, 2015
Link Found Between Mitochondrial DNA And Macular Degeneration   [read article]

22 September, 2015
New Hope In Finding Cure For Yellow Fever   [read article]

21 September, 2015
Coenzyme Rare To Bacteria Critical To Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Survival   [read article]

20 September, 2015
Stroke Rehab: Improving Impaired Attention May Help Patients Recover From Stroke   [read article]

19 September, 2015
Agitated Behavior In Dementia Significantly Reduced By Regular Acupressure   [read article]

18 September, 2015
Study Explains Why Muscles Weaken With Age And Points To Possible Therapy   [read article]

17 September, 2015
Lung Association Applauds Justice Department For Seeking Full $280 Billion from Tobacco Industry - Urges Vigorous Pursuit of All R   [read article]

16 September, 2015
New Ultrasound Tools For Health Care In Orbit And On Earth   [read article]

15 September, 2015
American Nephrology Nurses' Association (ANNA) Fall Meeting 2008 - Nephrology Nurses, Managers And Advanced Practitioners To Gather At Fall Meeting   [read article]

14 September, 2015
Ageing Brains Show Great Promise For Rejuvenation   [read article]

13 September, 2015
FDA Issues Draft Guidance On Regulating Genetically Engineered Animals   [read article]

12 September, 2015
BARDA Funds Advanced Development Of New Influenza Antiviral   [read article]

11 September, 2015
WFP Supports Afghan Farmers With Local Wheat Purchase   [read article]

10 September, 2015
Dog Bite Prevention Resolution Considered By Congress, USA   [read article]

09 September, 2015
VA Obligates Last Of Its Recovery Act Funds To Help Veterans, USA   [read article]

08 September, 2015
Study Of Relationship Between Statins And Cognitive Decline   [read article]

07 September, 2015
U.S. Has Pent-Up Demand For Eldercare Capable Personal Robots   [read article]

06 September, 2015
New Publication Shows Index Insurance Has Potential To Help Manage Climate Risks And Reduce Poverty   [read article]

05 September, 2015
CDC Launches 'Get Informed. Get Diagnosed. Get Help.' Campaign   [read article]

04 September, 2015
Human Skin Cells Turned Into Insulin-Producing Cells   [read article]

03 September, 2015
No link between fatty diet and stroke   [read article]

02 September, 2015
Boys With Urogenital Birth Defects Are 33% More Common In Villages Sprayed With DDT   [read article]

01 September, 2015
Somaxon Pharmaceuticals Announces Acceptance Of Phase 3 Clinical Trial Data For Publication In Sleep And Sleep Medicine   [read article]

31 August, 2015
Immune Defect Is Key To Skin Aging   [read article]

30 August, 2015
Stopping Statins After Heart Attack Increases Risk Of Death   [read article]

29 August, 2015
Study Examines Association Of Movie Smoking Exposure And Team Sport Participation With Youths Becoming Established Smokers   [read article]

28 August, 2015
AMA Welcomes Funding To Get People Moving, Australia   [read article]

27 August, 2015
New York Times Examines Stroke Risk Factors, Prevention Techniques   [read article]

26 August, 2015
VA Providing Connecticut Veterans With Disability Verification - For State And Local Tax Exemptions   [read article]

25 August, 2015
Side-Effects Of Treatment For Localized Prostate Cancer: Are They Valued Differently By Patients And Healthy Controls?   [read article]

24 August, 2015
Plant Geneticists Find Veritas In Vino   [read article]

23 August, 2015
Cola Is Associated With Bone Mineral Density Loss So May Up Osteoporosis Risk For Older Women   [read article]

22 August, 2015
Health Risks For Large, Retired Athletes May Be Lowered By Staying Active   [read article]

21 August, 2015
Solvay Pharmaceuticals And Wyeth Announce Submission Of New Drug Application For Bifeprunox To Treat Schizophrenia   [read article]

20 August, 2015
Poor Physical Function Linked To Increased Risk Of Dementia In Older Adults   [read article]

19 August, 2015
Studies Link Quality Of Sleep To Erectile Dysfunction, Other Urologic Conditions   [read article]

18 August, 2015
Coverage Of Indiana University Research At American Public Health Association Meeting   [read article]

17 August, 2015
Laser May Reduce Prostate Surgery's Long-Term Erectile Dysfunction   [read article]

16 August, 2015
Tractors Rolling Over Is Top Cause Of Agricultural Deaths   [read article]

15 August, 2015
Fighting Prostate Cancer With Speed And Accuracy: RapidArc® Radiotherapy Available At The Delaware Valley Urology Cancer Treatment Center   [read article]

14 August, 2015
Low Impact Aerobic Exercise Reduces Fatigue In Auto-immune Conditions Says Multi-study Review   [read article]

13 August, 2015
Markers Of Inflammation Are More Strongly Associated With Fatal Than Non-fatal Cardiovascular Events In The Elderly   [read article]

12 August, 2015
UK Donor Link Confirms Matches for Half Siblings   [read article]

11 August, 2015
Eklin Medical Systems To Showcase RapidStudy(TM) CDx Digital Radiography Systems At CVC East   [read article]

10 August, 2015
Usage Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine Therapies High Among Those With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome   [read article]

09 August, 2015
Global Cancer Prevention Plan Needed For Growing, At-Risk Hispanic Population   [read article]

08 August, 2015
Study Finds Pharmacy Pamphlets Apparently More About Looks Than Legibility   [read article]

07 August, 2015
Stem Cell Research Innovators Gather In San Diego, Share Ideas For Growth And Development   [read article]

06 August, 2015
Breakthrough Accelerates New Avenues Of Stem Cell Research   [read article]

05 August, 2015
Adult-Derived Stem Cells Could Pave The Way For New Treatment Of Diabetes   [read article]

04 August, 2015
Computerized Program Helps Teens Quit Smoking   [read article]

03 August, 2015
Patients' Groups Across Europe Call For Prostate Cancer To Be Higher On Health Agendas   [read article]

02 August, 2015
FDA Seeks Injunction Against Florida Animal Drug Compounder   [read article]

01 August, 2015
Insomnia More Common Among Women Than Men   [read article]

31 July, 2015
Fourth International Consultation On Incontinence (ICI) - Opening Ceremony Highlights   [read article]

30 July, 2015
News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation   [read article]

29 July, 2015
Women Sensitive To Ultra-Fit Images In Fitness Magazines   [read article]

28 July, 2015
Striving Toward Better Diagnosis And Treatment Of Liver Diseases   [read article]

27 July, 2015
VGX Animal Health's Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Shows Advantages Compared To Current Growth Hormone Therapies Used In Pigs   [read article]

26 July, 2015
Influential School Students Can Help Lower Peers' Smoking Rates   [read article]

25 July, 2015
States Move Forward With Bills Limiting Embryonic Stem Cell Research   [read article]

24 July, 2015
Can Non Malignant Biopsy Features Identify Men At Increased Risk Of Biopsy Detectable Prostate Cancer At Re Screening After Four Years?   [read article]

23 July, 2015
Coronary Disease: A New Perspective Thanks To Ultrasound   [read article]

22 July, 2015
Laparoscopic Bowel Injury In Retroperitoneal Surgery: Current Incidence And Outcomes   [read article]

21 July, 2015
Stepfamilies Make Caring More Complex In Late-Life Remarriage   [read article]

20 July, 2015
Clinical And Cognitive Predictors Of Swallowing Recovery In Stroke   [read article]

19 July, 2015
Emerging Link Between Ambient Urban Air And Human Heart Diseases   [read article]

18 July, 2015
Early Alcohol, Tobacco Use Might Delay Puberty In Girls   [read article]

17 July, 2015
To Detect Viral Infection Before Symptoms Appear, DARPA Awards Duke $19.5 Million   [read article]

16 July, 2015
CMS Announces New Standards For Living Organ Donors   [read article]

15 July, 2015
Peregrine's Final HCV Phase 1a Study Results Accepted For Oral Presentation At AASLD Annual Meeting   [read article]

14 July, 2015
CDC Analysis Finds More States Adopting Smokefree Air Laws   [read article]

13 July, 2015
Delayed Muscle Response Complicates Sprained Ankle Rehab, BYU-Michigan Study Finds   [read article]

12 July, 2015
NeuroVive And To-BBB To Jointly Develop Therapy For Stroke   [read article]

11 July, 2015
Cedars-Sinai Stroke Team Earns Performance Award From American Heart Association   [read article]

10 July, 2015
Homicidal Poisoning Rising, More Likely In Infants And Elderly   [read article]

09 July, 2015
The American Journal Of Sports Medicine News   [read article]

08 July, 2015
Stem Cells Not The Only Way To Fix A Broken Heart   [read article]

07 July, 2015
Link Between Ear Infections And Passive Smoking   [read article]

06 July, 2015
Teens Who Sleep Less Eat More Fatty Foods And Snacks   [read article]

05 July, 2015
Prevalence of Smoking   [read article]

04 July, 2015
Finding How To Block The Infection Pathway May Lead To New Therapies For TB And Other Disorders   [read article]

03 July, 2015
How Ebola Virus Avoids The Immune System   [read article]

02 July, 2015
Vesicoureteral Reflux And Urinary Tract Infection In Children With A History Of Prenatal Hydronephrosis   [read article]

01 July, 2015
Parkinson's Disease Research To Benefit From $2.3 Million Grant Awarded To Stem Cell Leader   [read article]

30 June, 2015
Swine Influenza Daily Update: 14 July 2009, Wales   [read article]

29 June, 2015
New TB Booster Shows Promise   [read article]

28 June, 2015
Sleep Fragmentation, Rather Than Timing Of Sleep Causes Exhaustion In First-Time Moms   [read article]

27 June, 2015
Study Proves Risk of Older Adults Falling is Significantly Reduced by Wearing Arch Supports   [read article]

26 June, 2015
Finding It Difficult To Make Ends Meet: California's Single Seniors   [read article]

25 June, 2015
Decrease In Death Rates After Hospitalization For Oldest Heart Failure Patients   [read article]

24 June, 2015
Tobacco Industry's Marketing Linked To Youth Smoking   [read article]

23 June, 2015
Antiviral Drugs For Seasonal Flu Approved As HPA Urges At-Risk Groups To Get Vaccinated, UK   [read article]

22 June, 2015
WHO Wants A Ban On All Tobacco Advertising To Protect Youth   [read article]

21 June, 2015
New Release Digitally Delivers Nearly 300 Oral Presentations From ASA's 2008 Internationa Stroke Conference   [read article]

20 June, 2015
Fear Of Hypoglycemia A Barrier To Exercise For Type 1 Diabetics   [read article]

19 June, 2015
New Web Tool May Help Predict Risk Of Second Stroke   [read article]

18 June, 2015
Direct Interconnections Between Nanowires And Human Cells   [read article]

17 June, 2015
Biomagnetics Reports The Identification Of A Second Biomarker For Development Of Tuberculosis Assay   [read article]

16 June, 2015
Stem Cell Research In Cardiology - A Report By Research And Markets   [read article]

15 June, 2015
Drowning Statistics, Arizona, 2007   [read article]

14 June, 2015
Smoking Out The Mediators Of Airway Damage Caused By Pollutants   [read article]

13 June, 2015
Study Suggests Arthritis Drug Might Prove Effective In Fighting The Flu   [read article]

12 June, 2015
People Tend To Overestimate Their Self-Reported Sleep Times Compared To Measures By A Sleep Test   [read article]

11 June, 2015
Stem Cell Research To Be The Focus Of Town Hall Meeting At UCSB   [read article]

10 June, 2015
AUA & EAU Release New Guidelines On Ureteral Stone Management   [read article]

09 June, 2015
Can Medication Stabilize Or Reverse Vascular Disease? Apparently That It Can   [read article]

08 June, 2015
Seniors Call For More Support To Age At Home, Australia   [read article]

07 June, 2015
World Phosphorous Use Crosses Critical Threshold   [read article]

06 June, 2015
Acute Epididymitis In Children: The Role Of Radiologic Studies   [read article]

05 June, 2015
The Importance Of Exercise   [read article]

04 June, 2015
Flu Outbreak: There's More Than One Doctor In The House   [read article]

03 June, 2015
Scientific Breakthrough In The Screening & Treatment Of Canine Lymphoma Cancer Is A World First   [read article]

02 June, 2015
Risk Of ALS Exposure In Gulf War Veterans Is Time Limited   [read article]

01 June, 2015
Falls Risk: Comprehensive Screening Test Developed By MU Researcher   [read article]

31 May, 2015
Level Of Frailty Predicts Surgical Outcomes In Older Patients   [read article]

30 May, 2015
Novavax Announces Publication Of A Pre-clinical Study With Its Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza Virus-Like Particle (VLP) Vaccine   [read article]

29 May, 2015
In Patients With Unclear-Onset Stroke, MRI Can Help Decide Therapy   [read article]

28 May, 2015
Tips For Safely Surfing The Internet: Advice From The American Geriatrics Society's Foundation For Health In Aging   [read article]

27 May, 2015
Birth Light Cycle Dramatically Affects Babies' Biological Clocks   [read article]

26 May, 2015
Years Of Smoking Associated With Lower Parkinson's Risk, Not Number Of Cigarettes Per Day   [read article]

25 May, 2015
SANUWAVE Health Announces European Launch Of OrthoPACE™ Regenerative Medicine Device For Orthopedic Indications   [read article]

24 May, 2015
New Tool To Assess Excessive Daytime Sleepiness In Adolescents   [read article]

23 May, 2015
USDA Announces Availability Of Compliance Guide To Help Reduce Foodborne Illness   [read article]

22 May, 2015
Failing Heart, Failing Kidney: Double Trouble?   [read article]

21 May, 2015
'Plastic Bottle' Solution For Arsenic-Contaminated Water Threatening 100 Million People   [read article]

20 May, 2015
Bluetongue - JAB Campaign Keeps Up Pace For 2009, British Veterinary Association   [read article]

19 May, 2015
Colon Cancer Survivors: Moderate Exercise Improves Survival Rates   [read article]

18 May, 2015
Yoga Improves Concentration, Motivation - Benefits Beyond Strength And Flexibility   [read article]

17 May, 2015
Single isolated mouse skin cell can generate into variety of epidermal tissues   [read article]

16 May, 2015
Long Term Care Community Praises Senator Gordon Smith For His Leadership, Vision For Long Term Care In America   [read article]

15 May, 2015
Lack Of Sleep (5 Hours Or Less) Linked To Increased Risk Of High Blood Pressure   [read article]

14 May, 2015
Too Much Technology May Be Killing Beneficial Bacteria   [read article]

13 May, 2015
Children Can Better Understand The Effects Of Stroke On Loved Ones By Reading Online Book   [read article]

12 May, 2015
Medical Expulsive Therapy As An Adjunct To Improve Shockwave Lithotripsy Outcomes: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis   [read article]

11 May, 2015
Haiti: Might The Earthquake Worsen TB Rates?   [read article]

10 May, 2015
What Is Puberty? What Is Early Puberty? What Is Late Puberty?   [read article]

09 May, 2015
Fosrenol Does Not Further Impact Cognitive Function Deterioration In CKD Stage 5 Patients   [read article]

08 May, 2015
Exercise Tips For Diabetics   [read article]

07 May, 2015
Hidden Brain Damage Following Mini-Strokes   [read article]

06 May, 2015
Mercury On The Rise In Endangered Pacific Seabirds   [read article]

05 May, 2015
Annual Medicare Drug Plan Enrollment Window Now Open, Alaska Department Of Health Informs Seniors   [read article]

04 May, 2015
American Council On Exercise Alligns With 1-2-3 Fit(R) To Offer Qualification For Circuit And Fitness Trainers   [read article]

03 May, 2015
Report Confirms Increased Risk Of Smoking, Substance Abuse In Bipolar Adolescents   [read article]

02 May, 2015
Supplement Diet With Leucine Prevents Muscle Loss Linked To Ageing   [read article]

01 May, 2015
British International Travellers Are Warned To Safeguard Against Life Threatening Diseases   [read article]

30 April, 2015
Diet, exercise, stimulating environment helps old dogs learn   [read article]

29 April, 2015
Brain Autopsies Of Four Former Football Players Reveal That Not All Get Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy   [read article]

28 April, 2015
AFP Imaging Announces Newtom VGi - The Next Generation CB3D For The ENT And Sleep Apnea Market   [read article]

27 April, 2015
Are Women Veterans Getting The Health Care They Need?   [read article]

26 April, 2015
No Hoop Dream - Hooping Can Help Control Body Weight   [read article]

25 April, 2015
Increase In Germ Cell Tumors Incidence Among African American Patients   [read article]

24 April, 2015
Notre Dame President Says Bishops' Statement Supports Choice Of Obama As Commencement Speaker   [read article]

23 April, 2015
UNICEF On World Malaria Day: Preventable And Curable, But Still Killing 800,000 Every Year   [read article]

22 April, 2015
Link Between Muscle Loss In Elderly And Blood Vessels' Failure To Dilate   [read article]

21 April, 2015
Study Of The Efficiency Of Human Running Improves Understanding Of Human Body Form   [read article]

20 April, 2015
Peyronie's Disease Following Radical Prostatectomy: Incidence And Predictors   [read article]

19 April, 2015
Octagenarians With Superficial Bladder Cancer Exhibit A Decreased Response To Intravesical Immunotherapy   [read article]

18 April, 2015
Predictive Biosciences To Present Novel Combination Approach To Molecular Cancer Diagnostics At 2010 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium   [read article]

17 April, 2015
Alzheimer's Disease: Modulating Enkephalin May Reduce Cognitive Deficits   [read article]

16 April, 2015
Canine osteoarthritis of the elbow, University of Liverpool wants to recruit 20 Labrador dogs to a new study   [read article]

15 April, 2015
APF21 Helps Identify Banned Substances For Sports People, Australia   [read article]

14 April, 2015
Childhood Obesity And Sleep Duration Linked   [read article]

13 April, 2015
Patients With Treatment-Resistant Chronic Leukemia Respond Positively To Stem Cell Transplants   [read article]

12 April, 2015
Exploration For Hemorrhage Following Laparoscopic Renal Surgery   [read article]

11 April, 2015
Commonly Used Medications May Produce Cognitive Impairment In Older Adults   [read article]

10 April, 2015
Alternative Swine Flu Vaccination Provided By Insect Cells   [read article]

09 April, 2015
The Look Of Royalty: Visual And Odour Signals Of Reproductive Status In A Paper Wasp   [read article]

08 April, 2015
Sleep Problems Linked To Obesity, Lower Quality Of Life In School-Aged Children   [read article]

07 April, 2015
Men With Health Risk Behaviors Unaware Of PSA Test   [read article]

06 April, 2015
Bariatric Surgery Appears To Be Safe For Carefully Selected Older, Medicare Patients - Archives Of Surgery   [read article]

05 April, 2015
Quality Associates Processing H1N1 Swine Flu Consent Forms For The Maryland Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene   [read article]

04 April, 2015
Climate Change Will Have A Significant Impact On Transportation Infrastructure And Operations   [read article]

03 April, 2015
New Studies Reinforce Benefits Of Drinking Lowfat Chocolate Milk After A Tough Workout   [read article]

02 April, 2015
Genetic Factors Can Help Predict Risk For Kidney Disease   [read article]

01 April, 2015
Health Care Spending For Seniors Has Increased By Nearly A Third   [read article]

31 March, 2015
Laparoscopic Versus Open Radical Nephrectomy For Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis: Contemporary Outcomes Analysis   [read article]

30 March, 2015
Correlation Between DNA Damage And Sperm Parameters: A Prospective Study Of 1,633 Patients   [read article]

29 March, 2015
Toddlers who use a computer develop better learning skills than toddlers who do not   [read article]

28 March, 2015
STAMP1 Is Both A Proliferative And An Antiapoptotic Factor In Prostate Cancer   [read article]

27 March, 2015
Report Makes Recommendations For Improving Racial, Ethnic Health Disparities In Kansas   [read article]

26 March, 2015
Bioniche Ships First Order Of E. Coli O157:H7 Cattle Vaccine   [read article]

25 March, 2015
Daylight-Saving Time Switch May Leave You Sleepy, Physician Says   [read article]

24 March, 2015
Christian Science Monitor Examines Challenges In Updating Veterans' Health Care, Disability Systems   [read article]

23 March, 2015
MPS Urges Doctors To Remain Vigilant For Signs Of Elder Abuse   [read article]

22 March, 2015
What Are Insect Bites? How To Treat Insect Bites   [read article]

21 March, 2015
AVMA Lauds U.S. House Expansion Of Public Health Incentive Programs To Veterinarians; Senate Action Needed   [read article]

20 March, 2015
News From The American Chemical Society March 19, 2008   [read article]

19 March, 2015
Uric Acid And Hypertension In Blacks Linked By Study   [read article]

18 March, 2015
US Labor Department's OSHA Issues Compliance Directive To Address Flu Prevention For Health Care Workers   [read article]

17 March, 2015
Multiple therapies curb declining ability to learn with age   [read article]

16 March, 2015
Kidney Damage From Medical Imaging Procedures Can Cause Long-Term Health Problems   [read article]

15 March, 2015
The Effect Of Pudendal Nerve Stimulation On Cystometric Parameters In Patients With Refractory Urge Incontinence   [read article]

14 March, 2015
More Aortic Chest Aneurysms Being Treated With Less-Invasive Stents   [read article]

13 March, 2015
Rapid Wound Healing   [read article]

12 March, 2015
Protein May Predict Heart Attack And Early Death, But Not Stroke   [read article]

11 March, 2015
Dramatic Changes In Global Meat Production Could Increase Risk Of Diseases   [read article]

10 March, 2015
Study Details How Heat Waves Drive Hospital Admissions   [read article]

09 March, 2015
One In Five US Women Still Smoke-Smokers Urged To Quit   [read article]

08 March, 2015
Blind man sees again after stem cell transplant   [read article]

07 March, 2015
Regional Collaboration In Australia's Northern Territory Reduces Skin Infections In Aboriginal Children   [read article]

06 March, 2015
Scientists Reveal Gut Stem Cell Secrets   [read article]

05 March, 2015
Membrane Filters Are Key To Future Of Public Water Supply, UH Scientists Say   [read article]

04 March, 2015
What Is Dengue Fever? What Causes Dengue Fever?   [read article]

03 March, 2015
Northwestern Memorial First To Trial Smallest Full Support Heart Assist Device   [read article]

02 March, 2015
Study Shows The Cost Effectiveness Of Prevention Of Bedsores In Long-Term Care Homes   [read article]

01 March, 2015
Slow-Growing TB Bacteria Point The Way To New Drug Development   [read article]

28 February, 2015
Tai Chi can reduce falls in older people, says new research   [read article]

27 February, 2015
Oestrogen And Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Effects On Stromal Cell Proliferation And Local Formation From Androgen   [read article]

26 February, 2015
AJPH Releases New Influenza Articles From Experts On Vulnerable Populations Early   [read article]

25 February, 2015
Bladder Dysfunction After Artificial Urinary Sphincter Insertion   [read article]

24 February, 2015
Isolation Of A New Gene Family Essential For Early Development   [read article]

23 February, 2015
Estrogen's antioxidant power may play key role in cerebral blood vessel health   [read article]

22 February, 2015
Running Faster On High-Grade Oil: Mouse Study   [read article]

21 February, 2015
Prostate Cancer Drug Reduces Testosterone Levels In As Little As Three Days Without Initial Hormone Surge   [read article]

20 February, 2015
Statins May Help To Protect Against DVT, Says British Heart Foundation   [read article]

19 February, 2015
D.C. City Council Approves Bill To Use Tobacco Settlement Funding To Improve Health Services   [read article]

18 February, 2015
Antidepressants May Increase Risk Of Stroke And Death   [read article]

17 February, 2015
Hormonal Treatment For Localized And Advanced Prostate Cancer   [read article]

16 February, 2015
More People With Schizophrenia Employed In Germany Than In UK Or France   [read article]

15 February, 2015
Smoking And Interstitial Lung Disease   [read article]

14 February, 2015
Animal to Human Transplantation (Xenotransplantation), Australia   [read article]

13 February, 2015
Hippocampal Volume And Neuron Numbers Increase Along A Gradient Of Environmental Harshness: A Large-Scale Comparison   [read article]

12 February, 2015
Are Energy Beverages Safe To Drink When Exercising?   [read article]

11 February, 2015
Don't Twist And Shout! Get A Handle On Sports Hernias   [read article]

10 February, 2015
New Research Suggests Smoking May Worsen MS   [read article]

09 February, 2015
National Intrepid Center Of Excellence Will Treat Veterans Returning From Combat   [read article]

08 February, 2015
Modafinil An Effective Treatment For The Ill-Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Working Memory   [read article]

07 February, 2015
New haptics systems challenge stroke patients to grasp, pinch, squeeze their way to recovery   [read article]

06 February, 2015
Chronic Disease Keeping Older Australians Out Of The Workforce   [read article]

05 February, 2015
Association Between Hand-Grip Strength And Poor Survival In Seniors   [read article]

04 February, 2015
Smoking Ban Helps Reduce Passive Smoking   [read article]

03 February, 2015
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Prediction In Deployed Veterans   [read article]

02 February, 2015
Water-Borne Pathogen Now Under Attack Thanks To Breakthrough Research   [read article]

01 February, 2015
Live Recordings Of Cell Communication   [read article]

31 January, 2015
Friday The 13th Begins With Air Quality Alert Warning   [read article]

30 January, 2015
Prostate Biopsies Improved By Blood Flow Monitoring, Jefferson Researchers Report   [read article]

29 January, 2015
StemCells, Inc. Comments On PLoS Medicine Article Concerning Cell Transplants In Russia   [read article]

28 January, 2015
NHS Trusts meeting government target on stroke units "in name only"   [read article]

27 January, 2015
Clinxus Partnership Devises Improved Tests To Detect Kidney Damage For New Drugs In Development   [read article]

26 January, 2015
Virtual Screening Leads To Real Progress In Drug Design   [read article]

25 January, 2015
High-Intensity End-Of-Life Approaches Confer Survival Benefit   [read article]

24 January, 2015
Study Finds Link Between Seasons And Declines In Exercise Patterns Over Time   [read article]

23 January, 2015
Increase Of Hip And Knee Replacements In The U.S.   [read article]

22 January, 2015
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Interstitial Cystitis Resistant To Conventional Treatments   [read article]

21 January, 2015
A Bioartificial Kidney?   [read article]

20 January, 2015
High Cholesterol Linked To Raised Prostate Cancer Risk   [read article]

19 January, 2015
Increasing Adolescent Activity Levels Requires School, Family And Community Involvement   [read article]

18 January, 2015
Exercise Boosts Health By Influencing Stem Cells To Become Bone, Not Fat, McMaster Researchers Find   [read article]

17 January, 2015
Amorcyte Completes Phase I Trial Of Stem Cell Therapy For Acute Myocardial Infarction   [read article]

16 January, 2015
Appeals Court Hears Testimony In Stem Cell Funding Dispute   [read article]

15 January, 2015
Genital Cancer In Horses: A Possible Cause And Cure   [read article]

14 January, 2015
Intra Uterine Growth Retardation Induced Sub-Fertility Is Corrected By Placental Gene Therapy With Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1   [read article]

13 January, 2015
Marshall Lindheimer, M.D., Of The University Of Chicago Receives 2009 DeLee Humanitarian Award   [read article]

12 January, 2015
Time to Wake up to Excessive Sleepiness. The Launch of the Sleep SOS Report   [read article]

11 January, 2015
VA Secretary Promises Increased Mental Health Services For Veterans   [read article]

10 January, 2015
Chronic Disability Among U.S. Elderly Population Declines, Study Finds   [read article]

09 January, 2015
Higher Coffee And Cigarette Consumption Among AA Attendees   [read article]

08 January, 2015
The Relationship Between Type 2 Diabetes And Sleep Apnea   [read article]

07 January, 2015
A new stem cell niche - no kidneying around   [read article]

06 January, 2015
Up To Half Of Deaths In Men With Prostate Cancer Are Directly Due To The Disease   [read article]

05 January, 2015
Be Happy, Live Longer   [read article]

04 January, 2015
IOF Calls For Improved Strategies To Close The Treatment Gap And Reduce Future Burden Of Fractures   [read article]

03 January, 2015
A Debate On Promoting Smokeless Tobacco (Snus) As A Harm Reduction Measure   [read article]

02 January, 2015
Leading Urologist Expresses Interest In Traction Device For Peyronie's Patients   [read article]

01 January, 2015
AtCor Medical Will Launch New SphygmoCor Version At American College Of Cardiology Meeting   [read article]

31 December, 2014
Angiotech Initiates European Trial Examining The Vascular Wrap(TM) Paclitaxel-eluting Mesh For Dialysis Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease   [read article]

30 December, 2014
Don't Let The Flu Ruin Your Holiday   [read article]

29 December, 2014
Managing Cholesterol And Glucose Levels Aided By Discovery Of New Genes   [read article]

28 December, 2014
Saving Veterans From Suicide   [read article]

27 December, 2014
In Response To Muscle Injury, MyoD Helps Stem Cells Proliferate   [read article]

26 December, 2014
Full Results Of Varisolve US Phase II Safety Study To Be Presented At ACP - Does Not Cause Cerebral Injury   [read article]

25 December, 2014
Protein Essential For Kidney-to-Bladder Urine Transfer   [read article]

24 December, 2014
NHS Needs New Approach To Tackle Nation's Unhealthy Lifestyles - The King's Fund, Uk   [read article]

23 December, 2014
Microbe Responsible For Methane From Landfills Identified   [read article]

22 December, 2014
Older Men With Breathing Problems During Sleep More Likely To Have Irregular Heartbeats   [read article]

21 December, 2014
New Building Material Made From Fly Ash To Reduce Air And Water Pollution   [read article]

20 December, 2014
Canada's New Animal Feed Regulations Come Into Force   [read article]

19 December, 2014
Recent Research Shows Significant Benefits In Acute Ischaemic Stroke With Actilyse(R) Beyond Currently Approved Three Hour Treatment Window   [read article]

18 December, 2014
Was Flu Pandemic Advice By World Health Organization Compromised?   [read article]

17 December, 2014
Coalition Proposes Catastrophic Long-Term Care Program   [read article]

16 December, 2014
A Recipe For Saving The World's Oceans From An Extinction Crisis   [read article]

15 December, 2014
People With Near Death Experiences Can Differ In Sleep-wake Control   [read article]

14 December, 2014
Alzheimer's Disease Likely To Affect 18% Of Baby Boomers, Cost Health Care System $160B By 2010, Report Says   [read article]

13 December, 2014
Irregular Medication Use Puts Seniors At Risk For Falling   [read article]

12 December, 2014
Kidney Donation Web Sites Raise Ethical Concerns   [read article]

11 December, 2014
Sexual Function And Genital Sensitivity Following Feminizing Genitoplasty For Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia   [read article]

10 December, 2014
Radiation Therapy Shown To Increase Survival In Certain Lung Cancer Patients   [read article]

09 December, 2014
UQ Houses Australian-First Imaging Technology   [read article]

08 December, 2014
What Is Shingles? What Causes Shingles?   [read article]

07 December, 2014
Maricopa County Health Director Recommends Keeping Schools Open; Awaiting New Case Count From CDC, Arizona   [read article]

06 December, 2014
EAU Position Statement On Screening For Prostate Cancer   [read article]

05 December, 2014
Bioethicist's Talks Commemorate Centennial Of Sickle Cell Disease Discovery   [read article]

04 December, 2014
Freshwater Fish Invasions The Result Of Human Activity   [read article]

03 December, 2014
Harvard Stem Cell Institute Awards First Seed Grants   [read article]

02 December, 2014
Launch of UK challenge to increase organ donation   [read article]

01 December, 2014
Sleep Enforces The Temporal Sequence In Memory   [read article]

30 November, 2014
The Health Dangers Posed By Iceland's Volcano   [read article]

29 November, 2014
UV Light Can Zap Unwanted "Life" In Drinking Water And Save Taxpayer Dollars   [read article]

28 November, 2014
Stem Cells And Oxygen Therapy Show Promise In Treating Diabetes   [read article]

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