The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced today it is sending out disability verification letters to more than 20,000 Connecticut veterans and surviving spouses who may be eligible for state or local tax exemptions.

"We are working with the state of Connecticut to ensure veterans get the information they need to take advantage of the state's annual tax relief," said Hartford VA Regional Office Director Dave Leonard.

Connecticut tax laws provide veterans and their surviving spouses with state, county or local tax relief. VA assists these veterans to receive these benefits by providing letters verifying their military service and disability evaluations.

Although people can obtain these verification letters at any time by contacting their nearest VA regional office or calling the Department's toll-free telephone number, VA is performing a special computer run to automatically generate these letters for Connecticut veterans.

Connecticut veterans who receive VA disability compensation benefits may expect to receive their verification letters from VA later this month. Veterans do not have to make a special request to obtain this verification.

Any Connecticut veteran who receives VA disability compensation, but does not receive a letter by the end of October should contact the Hartford VA Regional Office in Newington by e-mail at pctc.vbaharva; by fax at 860-665-7654; or by calling VA's toll-free number, 1-800-827-1000.

Veterans and survivors are advised to contact their local town tax assessor's office with any questions about Connecticut tax abatement programs. Additional information about the Connecticut tax abatement programs is also available at www.ct/opm/cwp/view.asp?A=2986&Q=390068.

Last year, VA spent about $737 million on behalf of Connecticut's 254,000 veterans. In addition to the VA regional office in Newington, the Department operates major medical centers in Newington and West Haven, six outpatient clinics and three Vet Centers. Last year, VA paid nearly $240 million in compensation and pensions to eligible veterans and surviving spouses in the state.

US Dept of Veterans Affairs

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