AtCor Medical (ASX: ACG), the developer and marketer of the SphygmoCor® system which measures central blood pressure and arterial stiffness noninvasively, announced that it would debut SphygmoCor Version 9 at the Annual American College of Cardiology Scientific Session Exposition being held in Atlanta, March 14-16, 2010. AtCor will be demonstrating the system's new features at Booth 717 in the exhibit hall.

SphygmoCor systems allow clinicians and researchers to determine central blood pressure, the pressure in the ascending aorta, through a noninvasive ten second measurement taken at the patient's wrist. Test results are available instantly.

Auto Capture assists the user in real time and automatically records test results

Among the innovations offered in SphygmoCor Version 9 is a new Auto Capture feature. The system assesses the quality of the radial pressure wave forms that are being monitored in real time, assists the operator with screen prompts on technique, and automatically captures test results once acceptable data has been recorded.

The SphygmoCor Version 9 also offers redesigned clinical reports, which support efficient and accurate tests interpretation with succinct, graphically simplified data displays. Clinical reports visually highlight test results that may indicate increased patient risk, such as elevated central pulse pressure.

SphygmoCor systems -- evolving to meet new clinical and research needs

"Our goal is to continually make SphygmoCor systems more easy and convenient for clinicians," said Duncan R. Ross, AtCor Medical President and CEO. "We have a continuing dialogue with our customers and our applications engineers, who train new customers to uncover opportunities to improve our products and support services.

"In 2008, we introduced a new lightweight and portable system design with a smaller footprint than the average laptop," Ross said. "It allows noninvasive central pressure testing to be conveniently performed in any clinical setting. In 2009, we introduced a new system enhancement for the clinical trials market, the AtCor WISDOM system, which allows us to offer our pharma clinical trials customers real-time data assessment and operator coaching in remote investigator sites. In 2010, we are introducing SphygmoCor Version 9, the latest product of AtCor's ongoing technology development program. We have many more innovations on the way."

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