Dr. Laurence A. Levine of Urology Specialists of Chicago, Ill is predicting wider availability of new Peyronie's Disease treatments from the medical profession following meetings at the annual American Urology Association last week.

Peyronie's Disease is caused by the build up of scar tissue in the penis. The scar tissue or "plaque" prevents expansion of the tissue of the penis to which it is attached during the erection process resulting in narrowing, shortening, and most commonly unnatural bending in the penile shaft. The disease affects as many as 10-12 percent of American males. Mechanical traction devices have been used in Europe for a number of years to stretch the penile tissues and straighten them over time. Levine's research will seek to reproduce and study this process in the U.S.

"I have had discussions with other researchers about the use of drugs such as Verapamil, which is injected into the scar tissue to modify the abnormal scarring process. There was a great deal of interest in use of the FastSize Extender as a splint, which could be used to remodel the scar tissue by stretching the penile tissue," said Levine.

"Penile traction devices, vacuum therapy devices, both with and without the use of drugs such as Verapamil and Interferon are holding out the promise of significant correction of penile deformity caused by Peyronie's Disease. We believe that viable treatment modalities that can become standards of care for this problem are now on the horizon for American patients," Levine added.

Levine is a leading American thought leader in urology research and practice. He is currently heading up trials on the FastSize Extender from FastSize LLC to further establish the efficacy of this device as a treatment for Peyronie's Disease. The device is an American-made version of similar devices used for several years in Europe. The trial, which is now under way in Chicago, will report its results later this year.

"We are very happy to note that the medical profession is taking an interest in our Extender device and the many contributions it can make to the treatment of Peyronie's," said FastSize President Brian Walter.

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