Powerful things often come in small packages, which is especially true for the new Tempo® SC Ultra Pest Control Concentrate (11.8% beta-cyfluthrin) from Bayer Animal Health, available in a convenient 32 mL bottle. This 5th-generation pyrethroid insecticide has long been an effective broad spectrum tool to control indoor, outdoor, and wood-infesting pests in and around livestock premises, and it is effective on more than 60 different pests.

With the availability of Tempo SC Ultra in a 32 mL bottle, smaller livestock operations and farms can now buy just what they need, providing a very economical and convenient option for pest control. Tempo SC Ultra can be used in animal housing, including barns, horse stables, and other animal quarters to control crawling, flying, and wood-infesting insect pests.

"Tempo SC Ultra is now available in a smaller size, at just a fraction of the cost of the large package. Operations such as smaller horse and cattle farms can now buy just the right amount of Tempo SC Ultra, providing them increased flexibility in their pest control programs," says V. Bruce Steward, Ph.D, Marketing Product Manager, Livestock Insecticides for Bayer Animal Health. "Simply pour the contents into a 2-gallon sprayer, add water, and treat. It's as simple as that, but at an affordable price. You don't have to buy a $40-$50 container of insecticide that will sit around on the shelf for years."

Beta-cyfluthrin, the active ingredient in Tempo® SC Ultra, is a stabilized pyrethroid insecticide that acts both on contact and ingestion. Tempo SC Ultra provides effective knockdown of a broad spectrum of insect pests. It delivers successful control in a liquid suspension-concentrate formulation, providing even dispersal during application. The active ingredient stays in suspension without re-agitation.

The 32 mL size will make 2 gallons of mixed spray and treat 2,000 square feet of insect-resting surfaces. There is no measuring needed - simply pour the entire contents of the container into 2 gallons of water, shake, and spray.

Tempo SC Ultra 32 mL will be sold in dealer stores with 12 blister cards per display carton.

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