H5N1 Bird flu strain was detected in a duck in the Cameroons, making it now the fourth country in Africa to have bird flu within its borders. So far, Nigeria, Niger, Egypt and the Cameroons have bird flu reports.

Samples from a farm in Maroua, Cameroons, were sent to a laboratory in Paris, where H5N1 was confirmed.

The Cameroons' border with Nigeria is 1,800 kilometres long.

So far, no human cases of bird flu have been reported in Africa. According to reports, the virus is starting to establish itself in Africa.

With the coming of spring, Europeans watch with apprehension as birds will start migrating from Africa northwards. There is a good chance these birds will bring the H5N1 strain with them.

A possible route for infection to reach north America is also from Africa. Some birds will migrate all the way to the Arctic and then move south into the American continent in the Autumn (Fall).

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